Mission Statement

Bel-Air Construction’s building philosophy is derived from our determination to achieve sophisticated, explorative and functional architecture on behalf of our clients.

How do we consistently attain excellence while dealing with the ever-changing challenges that are presented to us?  Bel-Air accomplishes this by harnessing proven experience with flexibility.  This process is utilized in all of the building types we address: from ground up residential and commercial projects to renovations and additions: from in-house millwork, sheet metal fabrication and installation to custom architectural metal work.

Bel-Air’s experienced team functions as an extension of the design team: recommending, supplying and modifying established construction techniques that allow the builder and the designer to consistently deliver innovative work.

Our meticulous approach to detail allows us to provide thorough budget estimates, an experienced team of project managers and quality vendors and building consultants who have come to understand and appreciate our building philosophy of excellence.

Building is our profession and our passion.  We are committed to attaining the highest potential end result where the quality of the final product is the priority.  This resolve is what drives the ethics of our team.

Bel-Air’s methodology of working results in a construction firm committed to “Building Imagination.”